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Workshops are the heart of Free Spirit. It's through workshops and presentations that we are able to gather, share, learn and grow as a community. We have been fortunate to have truly gifted people share their knowledge in our workshops, classes and rituals.

In addition to the usual mix of all-ages classes and rituals, we also offer the Free Spirit Academy, with classes and activities suited for our youngest attendees (often in the company of their adults). For the future leaders of our community, there's the Young Adult Track and a dedicated Teen space, with workshops in the afternoon and special events in the evening which build Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Check out the FSG Sweat Pourer & Staff Info

  • Pool = Pool

  • SCV = Sweat Village

  • SF = Soccer Field

  • Store = Camp Store

  • TBA = To Be Announced

  • TC = Tin Can

  • TCA = Tin Can A (tables)

  • TCB = Tin Can B (kitchen)

  • TCT = Tennis Court

  • TSA = Teen Agora (in the TV Room)

  • TSR = Teen Rec (also in the TVR)

  • UFC = Fire Circle (Upper)

  • WHP = White House Porch

  • AMP = Amphitheater

  • AP = Academy Pavilion

  • Barn = Barn (Sacred Sex Classes)

  • BBC = BBall Court Pavilion

  • DHR = Dining Hall Porch

  • DP = Dance Pavilion

  • FLF = Far Lake Field

  • HGP = Healer's Pavilion

  • LAB = Labyrinth

  • Lake = Lake

  • LFC = Fire Circle (Lake)

  • MRF = Main Ritual Field (In front of DP)

Free Spirit Alliance
The Free Spirit Alliance is a spiritual networking organization serving the Pagan and Pantheist religious communities. Founded in 1985, our focus is and has been on presenting national, regional, and local events where people from all backgrounds can learn and share ideas.