2017 Evening Performances


Karaoke Meet and Greet with Karen and Chris Carothers

"Come sing your favorite songs, sing a parody of a hit, or just come to listen, laugh, socialize, and have some snacks. Light fare and beverages will be provided down at the Dance Pavilion for this event.  All are welcome to the opening night of the Free Spirit Gathering."


Bardic Circle with Host Mordecai

"This is YOUR chance to share your inner bard. Come sing a song, recite a poem, do an interpretive dance, tell a story, or share any of your creative passions with the gathering."


Mama G


"Singer/songwriter and wanderlust, Mama Gina feels most at home when she can feel the earth beneath her feet and taste the freedom of the open sky. With down-to-earth, bluesy vocals, a bit of humor, and straight-ahead, rhythmic, acoustic guitar, she tells the true stories that fall into her head and heart. She sings of life, death, and rebirth. She sings of holding on and letting go. She speaks to the Gods and Goddesses and they speak back. She sings their stories as they become her own. She sings of her spiritual connection to the natural world, and of our responsibility to nurture both the mundane and the magical. When she is not performing, you just might find her camping in the woods seeking inspiration from the earth beneath her feet and the vast, open sky."




"HVBRIS is a fun-loving, licentious, and geeky band of fire freaks who seek to entertain and amuse with wickedly..."

HVBRIS is a LAWN SHOW. No access to the Pavillion will be granted, per request of the performers. Please bring Blankets and lawn chairs for seating, as chairs from the Pavillion cannot be taken out of the Pavillion.

For Their Full Bio and More Click Here


Burning Sage


"Since 202-Burning Sage was birthed through its founding members via the songwriting of Lin Sanders and the rhythm of Sue Balaschak. They have combined their artistry performing as hard rock power trio, an acoustic duo, The Primal Rhythm Drum Ensemble and again, full circle, into an eclectic tribal/world rock band. Joining the line up, this time around, is songwriter Corie Kaminski. In addition to her song writing skills, Corie holds the drive on the bass. Also joining the founding members, is Dawn Fritz Heartsong, who ornaments the songs through her artistry with accoutrements and hand drums. Through the years, the common word heard to describe this band is "Intense". They continue to deliver "True To Form".