2016 Performances


Karaoke with Karen and Chris Carothers


Rave with DJ Mordecai

"Litterally been DJing longer than I've known the term for it. I believe it may have been the third or fourth grade..."

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Lunch Time Concert


"Peggy Brennan has been accompaning her voice on guitar since 1973, literally playing folk rock..."

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"If you like to feel uplifted by a preformance, if you believe in the in the power of music to heal, transform..."

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"Kellianna is an American Neo-Celtic artist internationally renowned for her powerful preformance of song and chant..."

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Lunch Time Concert

Denise Lavery (and potentially Ellis Woodward)

"Ellis Woodward and Denise Lavery have been connected through music more years than they want to admit. Ellis is a smooth singing troubadour who plays every kind of musical event that you can imagine..."

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"HVBRIS is a fun-loving, licentious, and geeky band of fire freaks who seek to entertain and amuse with wickedly..."

HVBRIS is a LAWN SHOW. No access to the Pavillion will be granted, per request of the performers. Please bring Blankets and lawn chairs for seating, as chairs from the Pavillion cannot be taken out of the Pavillion.

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Lunch Time Concert

Wolf song and Jonny

"Wolf song and Jonny (otherwise known as Sue Wolfsong and Jonny Lee) are veteran preformers who have..."

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"KIVA is a precussive, acoustic, worldbeat ensemble that celebrates the magic of nature and ancient bardic traditions..."

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Lunch Time Concert

Tom Swiss

"The Reverend Tom Swiss and His Electric Acoustic Maneuvers Singing Songs of Love and Other Dangers   Including Original..."

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