Mordecai Diamant


    Born jewish, still keep kosher, though not fully satisfied.  Been exploring Paganism, so I guess I’m a “Pew” (sounds better than “Jagan”).

    Literally been DJing longer than I’ve known the term for it.  I believe it may have been the third or fourth grade, when I spent “recess” playing requests for the kids in the courtyard.  The phonograph in my home room was left at my disposal.

    Schooled for DJ/announcing in 1985.  Hated announcing on the air.  Began Mobile DJing in 1996,  after coming back from DJing for Club Med in the Dominican Republic.  Love watching crowds dance … it’s my high …

    First ran Karaoke in Philadelphia around 2001.  Still enjoy, looking for a local bar now.

    Started doing convention sound around 2004.  First year not working con.s,  have a new full time job.  Enjoying reconnecting with the “other” crowd in the Philadelphia area.

    Have already DJed events and weddings for folk I’ve met through FSA, and sister groups.  Have more scheduled in the future.  Am available for pretty much any kind of Event.